Microneedling Smooth Skin Facial

Microneedling is a very effective treatment for skin renewal, especially recommended for removal of acne scars, uneven skin and other types of scarring. By resurfacing the top layer of the skin, excellent results are achieved: the even tone and texture.


Microneedling therapy is safe and painless – tiny needles penetrate the skin stimulating skin regeneration into a smoother, fresher outer layer.


  • Instant results after healing
  • Lasts permanently
  • Visible and obvious improvement

During the treatment

The treatment takes 50 minutes and is always carried in a sterile environment. Anaesthetic cream may be applied but it is not normally necessary as the therapy is not painful.

Before the treatment

A thorough consultation will be carried out with a medical history taken.  “Before and after” photographs are needed.


Microneedling Smooth Skin Facial-£210


  • Redness, swelling, tenderness are expected and normal in the treated area up to 2 weeks
  • Avoid touching the area within 24 hours following the treatment. After that, gently wash with water
  • Any persistent problems, please contact us

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