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Anti-Ageing Renewal Complex Therapy

Anti-Ageing Renewal Complex Therapy uses well-established, but advanced technologically and very effective treatments, which stimulate collagen and elastin production, plumping the skin up, giving it extra volume and glow. It revitalises the skin a biological way by increasing collagen production and improving cell renewal. 

The therapy starts with tri-pollar radiofrequency to target deeper skin layers and remodel the underlying muscle and SMAS tissue. Then patient-appropriate LED light therapy is used followed by microneedling with CALECIM® serum to improve healing and renewal.



During the treatment

The treatment takes 60 minutes and is always carried in a clean environment. Anaesthetic cream may be applied but it is not normally necessary as the therapy is not painful.

Before the treatment

A thorough consultation will be carried out with a medical history taken.  “Before and after” photographs are needed.


Anti-Ageing Renewal with CALECIM® 1ml - £195


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